anniversaries arent always worth celebrating.

wrote on November 16, 2016:


The 10th anniversary of one of the most devastating and life changing day of my life is tomorrow, and this year knowing it has been a decade is making me into someone else entirely.

This may come as a surprise to some people reading this, I really haven’t shared with many. I assume this is because I have a somewhat healthy and very happy relationship with my Mom. She is nutty, funny, has a heart of gold and would literally give her last dime to you if you needed it. She is understanding, she is fair, and she loves the people she loves with every fiber of her being. I love her and it is unconditional – which has been proven over the last 10 years. I don’t tell this story to be pitied or for anyone to say “I’m so sorry” to me. I have to tell it because I know, I just know that I can’t be the only one who has gone through this.

On my 16th birthday, my Mom overdosed on prescription pain pills mixed with alcohol, and almost died. Her lung collapsed while she was sitting on my couch after returning home from my “Sweet Sixteen” Birthday party. We couldn’t wake her up, and to this day I have no recollection of who called 911, but she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and the next thing I know I was waking up on the couch in my living room.

The next few days were a blur. She was intubated & stayed in Critical Care for 4 days. I didn’t once tell her I loved her or was worried about her while she was there. I did my homework in the waiting room and wouldn’t look at her. I was icy numb. I remember hearing her crying out for me and I coldly walked away. Mad at her. Mad at my Father. Mad at my little brother for being weak and going in to hug her. Mad because it was MY birthday. It was MY day. Mad because some part of me always knew that something was off but she was going to work every day, it couldn’t be too bad right? Mad because I was wrong. Mad because all I wanted in my whole. entire. life was to just be normal. Why was that so much to ask?

I don’t remember talking to her for weeks after she came home. My Dad confirmed to me in private that it was drugs, and that if anything happened like this again she wouldn’t be living with us any longer. Where would she go? To live with Grandma. I knew he would never do that, but his threat was more than enough. He was heartbroken, a mess, and looked like he hadn’t slept in years. I was mad at him too. How could he let this happen? How did he not know what she was doing? How could I possibly trust him or anyone else for that matter? What the fuck was I supposed to be doing?

I just went, on. I just moved and went through the motions like a robot. We tried to make Thanksgiving I think. We were months behind on the mortgage and that winter we spent a lot of time boiling water on the stove to shower, and hanging out around our space heaters because we had to chose electricity over oil. The worst part was having 2 weeks off from school and having nowhere to escape to. No, I take that back, the worst part was feeling like my huge family, my 7 aunts and uncles on each side & their families, were completely oblivious. Like they had no idea what was going on in my smaller than average home. I’m sure some did, but no one said a word. The worst part was not being able to talk about it. The worst part was feeling like a freak, and like everyone else had a perfect life and for some reason I was cursed.

16 years old. I felt shame, embarrassment, scared, sad, confused, upset, lost…all on my own. I had panic attacks over things that shouldn’t matter. I was exhausted all the time from trying to maintain my composure and fake that everything was alright to my friends and in school. And then once things stabilized at home, and after we filed for bankruptcy (again, I was kept aware of our finances-probably not on purpose but it somewhat calmed my anxiety in a strange way), we just acted like nothing happened. We never closed the gap between the worst night of our lives and the day when things just were. I think back now and I don’t know if going about it any other way would have been helpful, but at the time I used to get frustrated regularly when we played the part of happy family because I did not feel happy.

Life went on. I moved out of the house and joined the military because we didn’t have money for me to go to college, a savings account was nonexsistent. And the thought of getting loans out and somehow being in the position to not come up with the money to pay them back terrified me after this whole situation. I had to go though, I saw the navy as a way to escape and be on my own. I just ended up missing it the entire time which seems crazy. But I did it. I have not lived in Massachusetts in 8 years and I still miss it everyday.

I wrote up an entire post just now detailing all of the things I had been witness to prior to this day, (people moving in and out of my childhood house, and many other situations involving drugs & the police), because this situation sadly wasn’t a complete shock to my system. I didn’t mean to make it seem like we were some cookie cutter family, though we did have dinner together every night, and we never kept soda in the house (like, what?). But those situations seem totally insignificant when I think about the relationships I no longer have with those people. They have not repaired themselves, their lives or their addictions. The relationship I do still have, and value and cherish is the one with my Mom.

Which is why I was hesitant to put this out there. Because the stigma and the lack of understanding people have for addiction causes them to become judgemental. Empathize, don’t pity. Support, don’t judge. My Mom’s whole story isn’t mine to tell, but after hearing what she went through in her adolescent years, things made a little more sense to me. Which is not to say it’s an excuse. People aren’t born to take up bad habits, and bad habits don’t make bad people.

I will say because of this I have so many thoughts in my head as to what I will and will not do as a parent. I never want my kids to worry about the bills in our house. Or if they can invite a friend over without having to worry about being embarrassed that we don’t have hot water or heat in the house. I never want them to consider not taking a shower because it was too difficult – if they don’t want to shower it should be because they’re too tired from having the funnest day ever. I want to give my kids everything and make every holiday the best one ever but at the same time make sure they aren’t spoiled. Where is the fine line on that one and how do you find it? I want to hide them from every bad thing but expose them to all the bad there is so they aren’t sheltered but also aren’t ruined. I DONT EVEN HAVE KIDS!

Today is a tough day for me. A lot of emotions have surfaced the last week or so that I didn’t realize I was burying. I filled out a sheet for work and started writing my home address as my parents house, and that’s how I knew I needed to write about this. Battling depression for however long is a rollercoaster – it is never perfect. Sometimes I’m not sure why I am feeling a certain way that is hard for me to understand and its this situation or another that has somehow found its way to rear its ugly head again. If any positive thing has come from what I went through at home it’s to never give up. On people, on life in general. I like to think I’ve become a more understanding and emotionally rounded person because of what I went through. But it didn’t come immediately. Therapy and maturity have surely helped shape me, and I wouldn’t trade my Mom for the world. We are able to talk about what we went through together, and we are very close. I am thankful for that because there was a time when I thought she wouldn’t be here to see me get married, graduate and all the other milestones you wish to share with your parents and those you love.

Be thankful for what you have and people in your life. Don’t take the little things for granted and don’t lose sight of what’s important.






Sometimes I wake up completely heartbroken. Overcome with sadness surrounding real and perceived loss in life and all the pushing it back just bubbles to the surface.


Sometimes I wish I could let it all go but it hangs onto me like sap, you forget it’s there until you run your hands over it and it sticks.

A relative you thought you could trust who you find out talks behind your back. Another who you haven’t spoken to in over a year, a toxic relationship you can’t help but miss. The mind games that people play instead of being honest and real with one another. Lost love. Missed opportunity. A longing to go “home” & yet unsure where that is anymore. A sense of failure and the idea that life isn’t going as you had once imagined.

Some days I can’t shake it until after lunch. Other days it lasts until I fall asleep. I often wonder if living closer to my family would change things but I have to admit that I don’t think much would change.


It’s hard seeing your peers moving forward with life and doing things as planned all while just beginning to see a career on the horizon. It’s tough not having a support system that’s tangible and instead only being able to hear through the frustrated phone conversations and iffy facetime calls.  Life isn’t happy every single day, it’s just not realistic. Days aren’t even 100% happy to be honest. I get mad too easy, let little things bother me and overreact like you couldn’t imagine. And this story isn’t about to have a grand message at the end, I’m just here saying that life is hard. Some days I wish I could run away from all responsibility and everyone (my husband and dogs) who relies on me and never turn back. Sometimes I pout around my house thinking “I don’t deserve to have this”. I self medicate by obsessively exercising and compensate with overeating. My journey to become fit and healthy is hindered by the one thing I am in complete control of-my mind. I pick at my face and any bump I see, to include those on other humans and definitely my animals. I overthink and can turn the most simple conversation into a life or death situation. I rationalize my mistakes before ever saying sorry. I hoard paper products. I don’t floss my teeth but I always tell the dentist that I do. I feel everything, and I try my best but I really don’t hide it. I don’t. I remember things vividly-to include awful horrible experiences that I’ve encountered. I cry every day. I have to use clinical strength deodorant and I blame Florida but in reality I know it’s always been like this.

A friend told me someone asked if I was as happy as I look online, here is the answer. No one is as happy as they look online. You can’t feel my disappointment through photos of the landscape. You can’t see my tears after another perceived loss in my life fades. The appropriately referenced highlight reel of my life is just that. It’s the moments I felt were worth sharing to those who don’t deal with my stubborn and righteous personality each day. I am not a perfect person. My flaws come by the gallon, heavy and awkward to pour when full. My home life is a beautiful work in progress and it is like a garden in the Summer, everything is growing at different stages, there are worms in my soil and flowered plants above them. Some of the buds half eaten by bugs and others so gorgeous you don’t even want to pluck them. I feel every emotion I have to the brim, and I know who I am at the end of the day. Unafraid to be myself, unafraid to try and fail. Life is on display through social media and if you’re looking, you would never have to ask the question is she as happy as she seems. Is she? Am I?


100 happy days. 100 days with some ounce of happiness in them. The wag of my dog’s tails’. The sun setting. Florida drivers using their blinkers, sometimes I can not catch these things in a photo.


100 happy days. 100 days you made it through alive and breathing. Be grateful for the small things and don’t give a shit who is looking through your highlight reel. It is an unnecessary burden and will only sensor you further.

Today I woke up with my heart broken. I fought through the sadness and found joy in my company. It is impossible to explain perceived loss to someone who is enjoying their day without dampening their spirits. Tomorrow is a fresh start and a new beginning. Clean page, clean slate.


Today Seems Like the Right Day

Well, it has been over a year since you heard from me and for that, I apologize.

Life happens. I used to hear people say that and think “Sure, okay”. But now that life has theoretically happened to me, I understand.

In the past year I have maintained my marriage, school, work, the gym and a somewhat social life as well as being a dog mom.

We (finally) bought a house! Adopted a new fur baby! And I got into Nursing School! YIPEE!

My idea of fitness and nutrition, or the reason I began this blog in the first place has changed and I am here to explain what I mean.

1- I still Crossfit, and I still love it. For the first time in over 2 years I took a (challenging) week off and my body LOVED me for it. Which gave me the biggest reality check. Why am I not listening to my body when it’s telling me to slow down? After thinking about this for a day or so, I realized that going to the gym made me feel less guilty about what was going in my mouth. And I wasn’t even downing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (not on this day at least ;]). I became too fixated on following a strict Paleo diet and would feel guilty every time I veered off the path (aside from beer, for those of you who know me personally that is one vice I never gave up). I WAS SO IRRITATED AT MYSELF. Before starting my health and fitness journey, I would feel guilty for eating pretty much anything i deemed unhealthy. Then while doing WLC or eating strict Paleo, I was feeling great! The MOMENT I veered off the path I felt guilt. WHAT?! Why?

Not to point fingers but I think what happened was that the WLC mentality got into my head. Every time I lost a point I would down myself and think to myself, “gosh I suck, I could have that point”. It was so counterproductive. The good part is that I figured this out now, and have (somewhat) successfully altered my thinking. (Disclaimer: I am thankful for doing WLC because there are many ingredients and foods I would have never discovered on my own. I just let the negative parts of the challenge get into my head.)

First of all-we no longer eat strict Paleo.

We eat rice, white and brown.

We eat cheese, because cheese is life. Feta, goat, mozzarella and parmesan sprinkles don’t upset my tummy and I love them so, I eat them.

I recently found out that I really like Ezekiel Bread, so we have that on hand. But sometimes, we have white bread from a bakery we both love and it’s delicious. Corn Tortillas are also delicious and I can eat them without getting an upset stomach or feeling bloated.

I’m sure there are some items I’m missing but, you get the picture. We have adjusted to the slow add-ins and I’m really enjoying the less restrictive diet we’ve been on. I’ve maintained my weight and definitely plan on cutting back on my Macro’s once we wrap up this first unit in school, which falls at the end of December.

2- I stopped looking to my left.

Almost everyday while working out I would look to my left, see what the girl beside me was doing and down myself for not going as fast as her, lifting as much as her, doing as well as her. I understand a bit of competition is good for you but I was really making myself sick. I started logging my skill sets, my lifts and my progress and it made so much of a difference I can’t even explain.


I’m so happy for these changes. I am so glad to be growing and improving on myself everyday. I am thankful, so very thankful to be myself.


And now I am going to post this before I let it sit as a draft for another 3 months because I wrote it in November. 🙂


I’ve been on hiatus from Blogging the past 2 months. It’s been a crazy summer, and an even crazier Fall Semester back to school.

Between working everyday, school every day, my hubby, my puppy, and trying to wake up every morning to hit the gym, i have been stretched THIN to say the least.

However, with my 2nd Whole Life Challenge starting on Saturday, hopefully this will inspire some new recipes and ideas for me to share, so be on the lookout for that.

Also, I asked for a lot of nifty cookware for my birthday so that should ensue many a treat.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Topic(s) Tuesday!






To begin this very overdue Topic Tuesday I am going to do a brief rundown on my month of June!

Working Out

I participated in my very first CrossFit Competition “The Bad Bitch Competition.” It was held in Miami at Blueprint Crossfit, and I was on an intermediate team, meaning we completed scaled movements. It was a pretty awesome experience and I’m very thankful that I was able to participate. My team preformed phenomenally, all getting PR’s and although we didn’t place, I thought we kicked A$$ for all being relatively new at CrossFit!







And of course, my biggest supporter and best friend was there, cheering me on the whole time!


I couldn’t appreciate my husband more. He is so supportive and never fails to let me know how much he loves me. I was so happy to have him there with me. 🙂

Also I have to share that I got my first One Handed Hand-Stand! SO psyched!




So, past the mushy-gushy, if you notice he is wearing a tank in the above picture that says G-Butter. G-Butter is a product we came upon at the competition that’s made from Cashews and sweetened with Stevia.


The ingredients do include Whey Protein which I know isn’t Paleo, but it’s Ultra Filtered which means the Lactose included in it is an extremely low amount. It also has not bothered my tummy at all which is the best part!




The only other controversial ingredient included is Safflower Oil. Safflower oil isn’t great for you, and I understand the risks, but since beginning the Paleo Lifestyle at the beginning of this year, and cutting out all the fast food and junk we had been eating, I know my ingestion of Safflower Oil has dramatically decreased. I also don’t know how much is used in the G-Butter but I’m guessing it’s not much,  so it doesn’t bother me that it’s in this. Plus it tastes phenomenal and is a great alternative to Almond Butter which I tire of from time to time!

Moving on!


I landed myself a job finally after sending out my Resume about 40 times, and I’m so happy about it! It’s a nice quiet desk job and I’m pleasantly surprised to be working alongside some helpful and generally kind people. It’s much different from any other job I’ve had and I really like it so far.



Summer classes need to end. That’s basically all I can say about school. It’s tough and I’m ready for it to be over.


Home/Personal Life!


A lot to update!

Ashley’s Baby Shower! I made the cake (the opposite of Paleo haha)




Shelby is getting bigger.



Sen came down to visit me while on leave before starting her new job which was super nice!


I took her out to lunch at Old Key Lime House and we had a blast.

We were sad to see our friend Kristy leave South Florida.


Her hubby got stationed at Camp Pendleton out in California, and so she left on the Fourth to drive out there. I speak for everyone when I say we will miss her. Not only is she hysterical, gorgeous and extremely strong, but she has a big heart and is a wonderful friend. She’s also really really smart. 😉


The 4th of July we participated in a Kick-A$$ Workout at Hard Exercise Works.


It was awesome, and challenging, and made me feel like it was okay to have a few drinks and some bad food later on 😉


Chad partnered with Andres, and I partnered with Lauren for the workout, and we were all drenched in sweat from the heat of the morning!

We enjoyed a BBQ at a friends house, and fireworks on the Intercoastal.




It was an awesome day. We actually ended up going out a few more times during the long weekend, and are both still recovering from it!


Well, that’s my BIG update for Topic Tuesday. Hope you all enjoyed, and are having a fantastic week so far!




Paleo Golompki (Stuffed Cabbage)

So here is another perfect example of a dish that both my husband and I were familiar with growing up. My grandparents and parents make this with a lot of tomato sauce and rice. My husbands family make a similar recipe as well called “Sarma” which doesn’t include tomato sauce at all. I’m pretty sure most Eastern European cultures have their own take on the stuffed cabbage, and here is my Paleo version.



1 Head Green Cabbage

1 lb Ground Pork

3-4 Carrots

1 Can Italian Diced Tomatoes (or tomato sauce, your preference)

1 Tsp Celery Salt

1 Tsp Garlic Powder

Salt & Pepper

Other Items Needed:

-Sauce Pan

-A Cheese Grater

-Baking dish


Core your head of cabbage, and it is your choice whether you steam or boil it at this point, whichever is easier for you. Either way, make sure to bring it to a point where the outside leaves of cabbage begin to turn a dark, almost translucent green.

While the cabbage is on, preheat your oven to 350, peel your carrots and use a cheese grater to shred them into a fine consistency. Season your ground pork, and mix the carrots in with the meat. Pour half of your tomatoes/tomato sauce on the bottom of your baking dish. After allowing your cabbage to cool for a bit, gently peel the full leaves apart. For each leaf of cabbage, scoop about a Golf Ball sized amount of your meat mixture into the leaf, and wrap the cabbage around the meat in a pocket like form. Place them on top of the tomatoes, fold side down. It’s best if you use a pan that will just barely fit all of your Golompki’s. The tight fit helps evenly cook them throughout and keeps the moisture from escaping.

Pour remaining tomatoes/tomato sauce over top of the Golompki evenly, and bake for one hour!

Simple and delicious. The other night, my husband requested I make them with rice, so I did half and half, and used a quarter of the rice that he’s used to, and they came out great both ways. We had our friends over for dinner, and since it was my first time ever making them, I told them to give me their honest opinion, and they said they were great! I’m always nervous to test out a new recipe on someone other than Chad, but it was a positive experience! I’m so excited when a recipe comes out nicely and in this, I honestly don’t miss the non-paleo version because the real flavor comes from the meat, and the texture comes from how well you cook your cabbage. Rice was just used as a filler, and the carrots cooked so nicely that it wasn’t missed at all!


Hoping everyone had a great Fourth of July! We enjoyed ours with a Kick-Ass workout, a BBQ and some lovely fireworks on the water and as always, let me know how your Golompki come out!

Why I Would Rather Be Punched In The Face

To say it’s been a weird or rough week would be an understatement.

So I’m late, that’s okay, I’m here…I showed up that’s all that matters. And today I’d like to talk about why I would rather just be punched in the face, then suffer the emotional turmoil that women put other women through.

If you punch me in the face, unless you’re an MMA fighter or have some serious street-cred, chances are that I will no longer be affected by it the next day. So go on ahead. If you have an issue with me, I did something to hurt your feelings and never apologized (perhaps you never gave me the chance, or I didn’t even know, imagine that!), or I just generally upset you in any kind of way, I cordially invite you to punch me in the face. As long as that’s the end of it. As long as that is all it takes for you to feel vindicated.

Because the other side of this. The side where a person does something to intentionally hurt you on an emotional level…I just can’t deal with it anymore. There are so many reasons why I can’t deal with it, and me actually writing this post about it is already taking up too much time but there is no other way for me to let it go.

To begin with, when someone moves away from home, it isn’t “out of sight out of mind” to them. They are off on their own, in a new place trying to make new friends and not be lonely and depressed. Does everyone understand how hard it is to meet someone who is okay with just grabbing a coffee and talking? I have literally toyed with the idea of finding a friend on Craigslist before. That seriously was an option at one point. So just a text message from a friend, sent to say, “Hey, how’s everything going?” or “Missed you today!” is like getting a check in the mail.

2. If you have a problem with someone, the mature adult thing to do is to TELL THEM. I am under the impression that it’s common information that no one can read minds. Even if your life is busy, crazy, you have so much going on, the five minutes it takes to give a reason why you are angry, mad, sad, upset or hurt WILL NOT KILL YOU. I promise! And this way, those relationships you worked on for so long will have such a better chance of thriving.

3. You are a selfish and weak individual to just block someone out of your life. This is the turmoil I was talking about before. The other person assumes they have really messed up, but everything they can think of that’s occurred, seems totally innocent. They then go through these ridiculous stages that hurt more and more, each step of the way.

Stage 1 begins “I don’t care, they’re crazy and stupid.”

Stage 2 goes something like “Wait a second, what?”

Stage 3 “Okay, what the hell did I do? I’m sorry for whatever it is!”

Stage 4 along the lines of *Crying* *calling other friends to explain an extremely messy and confusing story that still doesn’t make sense to them no matter what* *hoping the other friend doesn’t think you are a lunatic* *calling your mom* *your mom still doesn’t understand what is going on but she assures you that its not your fault, which is nice but doesn’t help* and

Stage 5 Acceptance. Fine, you don’t have to want to be my friend anymore. At this point I’m emotionally exhausted and can no longer see a true reason I would want you in my life since you took the precious pieces of me that I gave you, and threw them in the garbage. However!! I would like to know why, so that in my future relationships with women that I think are going to be valuable and may actually last a lifetime, I can avoid these tragic moves and allow myself the comfort of knowing I’m not making the same mistakes again.

It never works out like that though. Most people when confronted with a situation like this when someone says “What did I do to you?” either lack the lady-balls to be honest, or don’t want to admit the reasons why. Speaking to some very mature, very together women in my life has helped me come to a borderline crazy conclusion. Some people just can’t handle it. Personally, when a friend gets engaged, married, pregnant, buys a house, gets a new car, makes the deans list in college, graduates college, lands their dream job, I become tears-of-joy happy for them. I am supportive, I care, I congratulate them, make sure they know that I am happy for them, and that they deserve these wonderful things. On the flip side of that, whenever something horrible is going on, I can always make myself available to hear your story, your issue, and even if I can’t give you sound advice I can listen! And I know I can do these things because I have, many times. I guess not everyone is as secure in life as I am, and that’s just a harsh reality I am going to have to learn to live with.

I’ve changed a lot since high school. The last 5 years have been nothing but positive growth for me, and that’s come with its fair share of physical and emotional damage, rebuilding, and strength. I’ve been tested in more ways than I can count, and I can say that I haven’t been able to succeed every time, but I’ve learned something every time. It’s never going to affect me less than the time before when someone decides they no longer want to be my friend and don’t necessarily want to give me a reason. I’ve been told that I’m “not fun”, that I am “holding them back” and that there was no reason aside from the fact that the person just didn’t find me interesting anymore. I’ve also not been told anything. Reason or not, it still hurts each time. It still etches away at a little part of my trust bank that I have and hold so valuable to me. What’s most painful is that regardless of the outcome, and the conclusion that I may not want to be friends with this person anymore after all I’ve been through, I still find myself missing them at certain times.

Loosing a friend is like going through a really bad breakup. I wish that all women could realize that mutual respect, courtesy and maturity goes a long way.

To all of you reading this, if I’ve hurt, bothered or offended you please tell me. And if you can’t than just punch me in the face.


Paleo Serbian Musaka

I know it’s been a while so here is a recipe for what we are having for dinner tonight!

My husband is Serbian and Romanian (and can speak both languages… ❤ ❤ ) and his family loves to cook their traditional Serbian dishes, which has exposed me to a different variation of foods I grew up with. My parents are both Polish, so I am very familiar with the dishes my husband’s family makes, but the ones I grew up with were a little more “American-ized” I suppose. I absolutely adore Musaka, (at Greek restaurants it’s spelt “Moussaka” I know, I know) and the traditional way of making it honestly doesn’t vary too much from the Paleo version, so it was easy to re-create!


Paleo Serbian Musaka


1 Lb. Ground Beef or Pork (I used Beef)

1-2 Large Onions, minced

4 Large Sweet Potatoes 

4 Eggs

½ Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk 

Salt & Pepper

1 Tsp. Cayenne Pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Coconut Oil for frying


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Peel and slice your sweet potatoes into “chip-like” slices.



Fry them in a frying pan for about 60 seconds on each side, just to barely brown them. This ensures that they will cook thoroughly, especially working without a mandolin when you usually get slices on the thicker side. Once they are all fried up, set them aside. Add your minced onion and a dash of oil to the pan and sautee until translucent.  Then add your meat to the onions, along with a dash of salt, pepper and the Cayenne pepper. Brown your meat.


(Above you can see my spatula-type utensil that is so versatile, and I love to use for practically everything I cook.)


Once your meat is done, layer the sweet potato slices in a pan, followed by a layer of meat, like this


Continue to layer your meat and potatoes. The top layer should be potatoes. 

Now combine your eggs and almond milk, and whisk until blended. Evenly pour over the top of your dish. Put it in your oven for 45 minutes and enjoy!


It’s a little different than the traditional Musaka I love and adore, but it’s still very tasty! Let me know how yours comes out!





Well this is embarrassing…

I swear I didn’t forget about my blog! It’s been in the back of my mind but I’ve had such a busy last few weeks I haven’t been able to update! Thankfully today, I’m done with my homework, my house is clean, my dog is fed, and my meat for dinner is defrosting in my kitchen so I have some time to myself!


While there will be a few upcoming posts describing in more detail the events I’m about to list (as excuses of course) I figured I should fill you in on them in the meantime. 

-My first CrossFit Competition (The Bad Bitch Competition)

-A job interview

-My final for a 6 week course (head-ache!)

-A job offer

-A job taking!!!! (CELEBRATORY YELL HERE!!)

So it has been a busy few weeks, and I apologize, however I’m making a really delicious looking pork recipe tonight and I’ll fill you in on how it comes out later on today (or maybe tomorrow).


Bare with me friends. 🙂 

Trending Today!

I literally have a cloth drawer in my bedroom full of things I intend on scrapbooking. It’s full. I need to get on that, and perhaps I will work on it this weekend. 

Today trending in my life is Printstagram. They are a company that takes your photos directly off of your Instagram account, or from any album in your phone, and turns them into phenomenal prints. I don’t use the word phenomenal lightly. The prints come out in fantastic clarity, and on some really nice photo paper with a matte finish. They have a ton of options for print sizes, and great new options like Photobooks, Posters, and Photo Strips. Plus, they even have an option for a framed print, incase you need a last minute gift! The shipping is cheap, the prints are relatively priced, and here is the reason I’m talking about them today.

Father’s Day is coming up ladies and gentlemen! I don’t know about the rest of you, but my Father is hard to buy for. He never wants anything and when I ask him if he needs anything he responds “A phone call from my daughter will do!” Silly silly. Chad’s Father is even harder to buy for, so this year I ordered some prints and I’m going to do something nice and crafty for each of them. 

Just an idea for you folks! Check them out, you won’t be disappointed! 

(I tried to upload a picture of a picture, but it just didn’t come out right :/ )